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Congratulations on qualifying as a teacher and welcome to the Induction pages of the web site. You are now in the second stage of your Career Long Professional Development (CLPD) having successfully completed your Initial Teacher Training.    

If you haven’t already done so, please remember to register online for Induction by clicking here. 

Induction normally takes one school year to complete.  During this stage, you are required to engage in competence based professional development and present evidence of this in a portfolio.  

Click here to view the GTCNI Competences

Click here to view a signposting grid for the GTCNI Competences 

The requirements of Induction are set out in ‘The Teacher Education Partnership Handbook’ which may be viewed in full on the Department of Education’s website

Click on the link below to open Section 4 of the Handbook on the Induction Stage.  

Induction - Section 4 of the Teacher Education Partnership Handbook 

A Guide to Induction’ on ESAGS TV


Click on the link to the ‘The Subbing Beginning Teacher’ for further advice  


What if …


Click here for some guidance on what to do if you are not in full time employment e.g.:

  • You are employed in a school on a temporary basis for 2 terms or more but less than 1 year 
  • You are employed in a school on a temporary basis for a period of at least 10 weeks but less than 2 terms 
  • You are initially employed as a substitute teacher in a school for less than 4 weeks but your contract is extended incrementally at the end of 4 weeks 
  • You are employed in day to day substitute teaching