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Contact Details - Induction / EPD

If you require information, guidance and support on any aspect of the Induction/EPD programme or the role of the Teacher Tutor please contact your local Induction/EPD officer below.


Education Authority Belfast Region

40 Academy Street



Telephone: 028 9056 4155


Gillian Stewart (Special, Nursery, Primary, Post Primary)


Katrina Devlin (Admin)


Education Authority North Eastern Region

EA Antrim Centre

17 Lough Road


BT41 4DH

Telephone: 028 9448 2264  


Siobhan McKillop (Special, Nursery, Primary, Post Primary)

Niki McQuillan (Special, Nursery, Primary, Post Primary)


Patricia McCorry (Admin)


Education Authority South Eastern Region

Grahamsbridge Road


BT16 2HS

Telephone: 028 9056 6200


Glenn Walsh (Post Primary)


Dawn Crosby (Special, Nursery, Primary)


Samantha Hegarty (Admin)


Heather Doherty (Admin)


Education Authority Southern Region

Silverwood Centre

Lough Road


Co. Armagh

BT66 6LX

Telephone: 028 3831 0920


Hilary McLean (Special, Nursery, Primary)


Heather McFarlane (Primary, Post Primary)

Philip Campbell (Post Primary) 


Sinead Neeson (Admin)


Education Authority Western Region

Technology Education Centre

1 Spillar's Place


BT78 1FA

Telephone: 028 8241 1298 


Hilary Galbraith (Special, Nursery, Primary)

Anne-Marie Poynor (Post Primary)

Annette Cullinan (Admin)