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Translated Letters for Schools

Letters for Schools to give to parents translated into multiple languages.  Select the appropriate language from the side menu.  The English version of the letters are listed below.

English Letters

application/pdf01) Attendance Causing Concern - English (.pdf) (9KB)11/08/2008Download
application/pdf02) Bookfair - English (.pdf) (8KB)11/08/2008Download
application/pdf03) Concert - English (.pdf) (8KB)11/08/2008Download
application/pdf04) Confirmation - English (.pdf) (8KB)11/08/2008Download
application/pdf05) Dentist - English (.pdf) (14KB)11/08/2008Download
application/pdf06) Detention - English (.pdf) (12KB)11/08/2008Download
application/pdf07) English Language Support - English (.pdf) (12KB)27/08/2008Download
application/pdf08) Feis - English (.pdf) (12KB)27/08/2008Download
application/pdf09) First Confession and Holy Communion - English (.pdf) (8KB)27/08/2008Download
application/pdf10) Internet Permission - English (.pdf) (12KB)27/08/2008Download
application/pdf11) Nurse - English (.pdf) (11KB)27/08/2008Download
application/pdf12) Nut Allergy - English (.pdf) (8KB)27/08/2008Download
application/pdf13) Optician - English (.pdf) (11KB)27/08/2008Download
application/pdf14) Parent / Teacher Meeting - English (.pdf) (11KB)27/08/2008Download
application/pdf15) Permission for Photo - English (.pdf) (12KB)27/08/2008Download
application/pdf16) Prize Day / Night - English (.pdf) (8KB)27/08/2008Download
application/pdf17) Religious Service - English (.pdf) (8KB)27/08/2008Download
application/pdf18) School Closure - English (.pdf) (8KB)27/08/2008Download
application/pdf19) School Mass - English (.pdf) (8KB)27/08/2008Download
application/pdf20) School Trip - English (.pdf) (12KB)27/08/2008Download
application/pdf21) Sportsday - English (.pdf) (11KB)27/08/2008Download
application/pdf22) Suspension - English (.pdf) (8KB)27/08/2008Download
application/pdf23) Future Absence Note for Parents - English (.pdf) (28KB)27/08/2008Download
application/pdf24) Past Absence Note for Parents - English (.pdf) (23KB)27/08/2008Download
application/pdf25) Headlice - English (19KB)17/12/2009Download
application/pdf26) Non-uniform day (English).pdf (112KB)24/04/2014Download
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