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6. Intercultural awareness

Zipped Folder Contents


  • Whole school level 

    This folder contains templates to support the development of a more intercultural environment in the school.


    • Folder: PDF document explaining ‘Photostory 3’

    • Word document: Intercultural environment checklist

    • Word documents: Templates for dual language signs

    • Word documents: Templates for interviews to create intercultural profile of school

    • PDF document: Advice on how to establish international links


  • Classroom level 

    This folder contains templates for teachers to develop all students’ intercultural skills at classroom level.


    • Folder: Find your partner activities

    • Identity card

    • Names and identity

    • Starting a new school

    • A sense of place

    • Learning about different religions

    • The identity molecule and charter for diversity

    • Intercultural portfolio

    • KWHL chart