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5. Second language development
English language support


This folder contains templates to help monitor general English language acquisition and introduce ESOL qualifications if appropriate and possible.


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  • Word document: CEFR global benchmarks teacher record

  • Word document: CEFR global benchmarks self assessment

  • Word document: Sample schemes of work for levels A1-B1

  • PDF document: List of suppliers for ESOL materials

  • PDF document: Teaching strategies for English language acquisition (A3 page)



Language awareness for teachers

This folder contains some ideas for raising staff awareness of the difficulties facing newcomer students when learning through a second language.


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  • Word document: Uses of language terms in different contexts

  • Word document: Sample subject specific language terms


Activating prior knowledge

This folder contains key language grids referred to in the Post Primary Toolkit. They are very effective in activating prior knowledge.


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  • Word documents: Key language terms grids


Cross curricular learning

This folder contains templates outlining cross curricular benchmarks that may be used to monitor newcomer students’ progress across the curriculum. These benchmarks are based on the Common European Framework of Reference (CEFR)


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  • PDF document: Cross curricular benchmarks and suggested strategies grid based on the CEFR

  • Word document: Student progress record based on the CEFR for teachers’ use

  • Word document: Student self assessment record


Planning and delivery in the mainstream classroom

This folder contains ideas for mainstream teachers on how to help newcomer students improve their English language skills across the curriculum.


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  • Word documents: Key language terms grids

  • Word document: Getting to know a new textbook

  • Word document: Countdown grid for language terms

  • PDF document: Booklet of activities for developing dictionary skills

  • Power point activities for dictionary skills

  • Word document: Note-taking and note-making templates

  • Advice folders for different subjects: Art, Drama, English, Geography, Home Economics, History, Maths, Music, P.E, R.E, Science, Technology


Assessment of progress

This folder contains templates and ideas to help assess progress and prepare newcomer students for examination.


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  • Folder: PDF documents: Phrases in other languages

  • Folder: Word documents: Sample revision lists and tests

  • Word document: Ongoing observation template

  • Word document: Textbook revision template

  • PDF document: Exploring meaning and language in examination questions: Booklet of activities

  • PDF document: Sample examination activity from

  • PDF document: Examination checklist bookmark

  • Publisher document: Revision advice leaflet for students

  • Publisher document: Developing study skills advice leaflet for teachers

  • Word document: Visual report


Points for classroom assistants

This folder contains a booklet of advice for classroom assistants. The folder for the school coordinator on dissemination of good practice contains ideas for workshop sessions to help classroom assistants who are working with newcomer students.


  • Publisher document: Booklet of advice for classroom assistants



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