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Transition Service

Transition is a term used to describe that time in a young person’s life when plans are made to move from school to adult life.

Transition Service

A Transition Service exists in each education board and helps young people and their parents/carers access appropriate information, guidance and support to allow them to make informed choices for the future.

Aims of the Transition Service

• To make sure the correct services and options can be accessed by the young person

• To raise awareness of services to schools and stress the importance of planning

• To promote pupil participation and those with parental responsibility

• To support and establish links with schools and appropriate services/stakeholders

• To monitor pupils’ transition and oversee that process

• To ensure an appropriate Transition Plan is created to support this transition

• To link with appropriate stakeholders as and when necessary

• To be an advocate for the young person and / or their parents / carers

• To make sure all relevant issues are discussed and considered so that action is taken and a smooth transition occurs

• To emphasise the importance of the consent form so that information can be shared with post school providers which will enable the young people to receive the support they need


Transition Co-ordinator

There are two Transition Co-ordinators in each education board.  They are available to help and support both the young person and you, the parent/carer during this very important time.

The Role of the Transition Co-ordinator

• To support you and your son/daughter throughout the transition process

• To take action on any issues or concerns raised by you and/or your son/daughter

• To link with and support schools in drawing up and putting the Transition Plan into action

• To investigate and provide guidance to aid better future planning

• To identify potential barriers which may prevent a smooth transition and to take appropriate action to avoid these gaps

• To distribute Transition Plans and related information to help appropriate support

• To work successfully with relevant agencies to create a better transitional environment

• To ensure that a Transition Plan is actually compiled, maintained and reviewed for each pupil for whom a statement is maintained


Transitions Service