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Examples of Activities (2006 -2006)

Over the past year the Group was directly involved in strategic planning in the following areas:-



Co-ordination of a Working Group to provide a structure for the consistent recording of children and young people with Special Educational Needs (SEN) using defined categories.  This document “Guidance for Schools : Recording Children with Special Educational Needs (SEN Categories)” was finalised and approved by the Department.  It has been circulated to all schools and is also utilised by Board services including Special Education and Education Psychology when recording the specific Special Educational Needs of children and young people.



Establishment of a 5 Board website on Special Educational Needs which can be accessed by parents and other stakeholders.


Co-ordination of a common programme for 5 Board training in relation to the implementation of the Special Educational Needs & Disability Order (SENDO, 2005). 


Management Information Systems

Establishment of a Management Information System in relation to Special Education and Education Psychology.


Bids in relation to SEN

Co-ordination of a 5 Board bid in relation to training in Autism for Board staff with specific reference to Applied Behaviour Analysis.


Completed Reports

Five Board Audit in relation to Newborn Hearing Screening.