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The World Wide Web now allows us to provide information and services 24 hours per day.  To help make this web site available to as many people as possible we have added a range of accessibiltiy features.


Skip Links

Skip links is usful in allowing screen readers to skip menus and go directly to the content of the page.


Text Only

This feature provides the site in a text only format.  It is very useful for visually impaired and can be helpfut to people with slow Internet connections (no downloading of images)


Access Keys


By using the pressing the ALT key and one of the listed access keys below at the same time the site can be navigated.  For example ALT + 3 will bring you to the site map link (press enter to proceed).

S - Skip navigation

0 - Access key details
1 - Home page

2 - Text Only
4 - Site Map

5 - Contact

6 - Webmaster

7 - Disclaimer

8 - Subscribe

Text Size

Use the text size links at the top of each page to mage the page text bigger, normal or smaller.


Speech Enabled - Browsealoud


Browsealoud is an accessibility client that gives users the option to have text on the website read out for them.


Browsealoud enabling your web site will assist in the navigation of your site for the following sections of the population:


  • Low literacy and reading skills.

  • Where English is not the first language.

  • Dyslexic Community.

  • Mild visual impairment.


This client is free and can be downloaded by clicking here.


To use, simply follow the installation instructions and then hover your mouse over the text on the site texthelp Browsealoud to enable speech